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About My Clothing

My range is more than just a wardrobe - it's a statement, a subtle emblem of pride, and a means of self-affirmation. Each piece reflects a deep understanding of the nuances and specific needs of our community. From clothing that complements transition-related changes to designs that break traditional gender norms, we have made sure to consider every detail.

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When you order a piece from tunnellsCo, or one of our brands #BluePinkWhiteCo, tAG or Tuck&Simon, it's not picked from a rack — it's created specifically for you. Each order initiates a process where your chosen design is translated into a garment that reflects your personal style and identity.

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A gift to give to anyone...

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Silky soft strechy pantyhose..

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Cropped Cotton Tees

The timeless T-Shirt is a staple of everyone's wardrobe, and these cropped tees are just a sample of what we have in store for you..